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Let’s Go Cruisin’ Cruisers

Here’s what we have in store for LGC Cruiser in 2016-2017

We hope you enjoyed cruisin’ along with us as a LGC Cruiser last year enough to renew your subscription for another fun year of cruisin’ with us. We are again working to provide LGC Cruisers with another year of great benefits. If you’re not already a subscriber to our Cruiser program, read on. As well as a variety of events across the year, we have assembled more great prizes for this year’s Cruiser Grand Prize Pool.

Great prizes to be won in our Grand Prize Pool

When taking out your annual Cruiser subscription, you are automatically entered in our Grand Prize draw for ‘free’. We have some great prizes on offer this year for the lucky winning Cruisers to choose from. Winners will be drawn at the March Peninsula Cruise night from the register of financial Cruisers. You do not have to be present at the draw to claim a prize. If you are present and your name is drawn, you will have the right to choose your prize over any other winning Cruiser not present at the draw.

Frankston Engine Centre Cruiser Goodrich Prize

Dave from the Frankston Engine Centre has made available $500 in cash for one lucky Cruiser to win in this year's Cruiser grand prize.

Hoppers Stoppers

A $1000 voucher towards a ‘Big Brake kit’ or other brake products compliments of Hoppers Stoppers, Hoppers Crossing.

EnviroBlast ddvcf

A voucher from EnviroBlast for 3.5 hours of media blasting. Use it towards stripping your next project’s body or chassis or clean up your collection of smaller parts. Valued at $700.

Mornington Tyres and More Cruiser Goodrich Prize

A $500 voucher from Tyres & More Mornington that can be used to purchase Yokohama brand tyres, or applied to any of the automotive services they provide from their fully equipped mechanical workshop.

And we hope to add to this prize list as the year unfolds.

Cash PrizesCruiser prizes at all events.
Cash prizes are always popular so we’ll again be including some cash in our prize pool when drawing winners from Cruisers who register in each prize draw at our events. How do you get to win one of these prizes or a $100 note that’s up for grabs?

When attending any LGC event, make sure your subscription for the current year is paid up and then enter your name and Cruiser # in the draw at our merchandise table. If your name comes out you’ll be very popular on the trip home. Of course LGC Cruisers are also eligible to win any entrant’s prizes on offer at all events. Good Luck.

Here’s some of what’s new for LGC Cruisers for 2017-18.

Mid Winter Cruise:Mid Winter Cruise: This year our Mid Winter Cruise is returning to our home base here on the Mornington Peninsula. In past years we’ve been to Point Cook, Sorrento, Moe and Healesville, this year we decided it was time we enjoyed cruising in our own back yard. See details on the reverse side of the 2018 Cruiser renewal form, or our web site and facebook page. You can renew your subscription in person at this cruise and be eligible for the day’s Cruiser prize draw.

‘Hello Daylight Saving’ Cruise
With daylight saving being a great benefit to cruise nights all over the country, we’ve decided to celebrate the arrival of daylight saving with an extra cruise night. To be held on the 2nd Tuesday [October 10th] after daylight saving starts on October 1st, we invite chrome bumper enthusiasts to register at the Homemaker Centre before 6pm, when we’ll depart in convoy on a scenic cruise to an end venue that provide multiple options for dinner. Bring the family as it’s sure to be fun.

Melbourne Cup Carnival: Last year’s Cup Carnival was such a success at the Sober Mule at the Homemaker Centre and when you’re on a good thing stick to it. Buffet lunch, Cup sweeps, Cup Calcutta, fashions on the field followed by the Dirty Stop Outs to keep the Cup Carnival rolling right into cruise night. Tables are limited to 100 seats so get in early to reserve yours with the girls at the LGC tables if you’d like to join us.

Merchandise: With our ‘speedo’ logo being so popular, we’re working on extending our merchandise items for this year.

New Sponsors: We pleased to advise that Buff n Stuff and Pedders, both located in Mornington have joined us as sponsors for the coming year. They’ll be providing some vouchers for use as prizes at our events.

Show your Cruiser card at Charlie’s Auto Museum in Purves Rd at Arthur’s Seat to receive a discount on your adult ticket plus accompanying children enter for free.


Meguairs ACDelco Liqui Moly

We’ll again hope to have entrants gate raffle prizes of ACDelco and MotorActive products at all events.

Cruiser Goodrich PrizeClub Permits are not available through Let’s Go Cruisin’ but we’re happy to assist LGC Cruisers to obtain a 45/90 day VicRoads permit. We recommend joining the Australian Street Rod Federation to qualify for club permits. Contact us.


Discounts available from our Sponsors
Don’t forget to take advantage of the significant savings available to you when needing products or services available from our sponsors. See our web site or the board at our events with details of our sponsors and what services or products they can supply. Supporting them encourages them to keep sponsoring our events.

We greatly value the support we receive when ‘chrome bumper car enthusiasts’ give us a vote of confidence with their $20 when subscribing with us as a LGC Cruiser. It gives us the encouragement to host our events and we aim to provide Cruisers ‘something extra’ at all our events. We hope you, your family members and friends enjoy your participation at LGC events as a Cruiser.

The team from Let’s Go Cruisin’

2016-17 Grand Prize Winners

  • Shane from Mornington has opted to grab the Hoppers Stoppers $1000 voucher.
  • Richard from Dandenong was also happy to cruise over to see David King at American Used in Tyabb to pick out a set of BF Goodrich tyres to suit his ride.
  • Col from Lang Lang was 3rd out of the barrel but being present had 1st pick of the prizes and decided on the $500 in cash supplied by Dave Butcher from the Frankston Engine Centre.
  • Paul from Somerville was delighted to accept the $500 credit voucher supplied by Doug Rutter at Mornington’s Tyres & More.
  • Lucky last was Cameron from Langwarrin who happily grabbed the voucher from Al the Hose Wizard.

2015-16 Grand Prize Winners

Happy winners who were going to share in over $4000 in prizes on offer were Matt from McCrea, Mandy from Mt Martha, Ian from Bittern, Gary from Safety Beach and Tony from Cape Shank. With most of the winners present we soon sorted out who was taking home what prize. Our thanks to our generous prize sponsors for making all this possible, Hoppers Stoppers, Frankston Engine Centre, American Used, EnviroBlast and Radiator Workshop

2014-15 Prize Pool Winners

With 2015 being the 10th Anniversary of hosting car events, we managed to step up our prize pool with over $10,000 worth of prizes available to won by 5 lucky LGC Cruiser subscribers.
Winners were drawn in front of a large crowd at the March Cruise Night.
Mick from Somerville stunned when his name was drawn to win the high Performance 350 Chevrolet Engine custom built by Frankston Engine Centre valued at $7000. It now resides in his Camaro.
Mark was rapt to claim the Hoppers Stoppers $1000 prize and was soon in discussion with Peter Koning formulating the brake upgrade options for his ’63 Galaxie.
Joan from Safety Beach was delighted to win four BF Goodrich T/A tyres from American Used Tyabb valued at $900.
Ray was pleased to pack the A/C components in the trunk of his ’32 roadster for the trip back to Healesville A/C Components supplied by Radiator Workshop Mornington valued at $700.
Gary collected the voucher for 3.5 Hours of Media Blasting  from Enviro Blast valued at $700.
Lots of very happy Cruisers.

2013/14 Prize Pool Winners

At the April Peninsula Cruise Night, we drew the winners of the $4000 worth of prizes on offer to subscribers in our LGC Cruiser program.
Greg McAleese from Cranbourne, Darren Paine from Berwick, Peter Cliffe from Frankston & Rod Gardner from Nerrim South were the lucky four winners.
After some phone calls the winners divided up the Ford Windsor Aluminum Cylinder Heads supplied by the Frankston Engine Centre, a $1000 voucher from Hoppers Stoppers in Hoppers Crossing, an $800 voucher from the Radiator Workshop in Mornington and a $720 voucher for media blasting supplied by EnviroBlast. Our thanks to these four businesses for their support of our Cruiser program this year.

2012/13 Prize Pool Winners

March Cruise Night was the event we drew the winners of this year’s Cruiser Grand Prize Pool. First name out was Helen from Mt Martha, Cruiser # 701. She was very excited when her name was called. She opted to for the $800 voucher from the Radiator Workshop for A/C components from the prize pool.
Next name out was Cruiser #87 belonging to John from Eltham. John wasn’t present but later selected the $1000 voucher from Hoppers Stoppers in Hoppers Crossing. Third out was Cruiser # 240, Rob from Frankston who collected the $720 voucher for soda blasting from EnviroBlast.

2011/12 Prize Pool Winners

The three lucky Cruiser numbers drawn out at the March Cruise Night were belonged to Glen Wheatley, Glen Jacobson and Geoff O'Reilly. As the first number out, Glen Wheatley opted for the 51" TV, Glen Jacobson the $1000 Hoppers Stoppers voucher and Geoff has a nicely polished A/C Compressor and matching condenser to kick start an A/C installation on his current project car. Our thanks to Hoppers Stoppers in Hoppers Crossing and the Radiator Workshop in Mornington for making these great prizes available.

2010/11 Prize Pool Winners

The three lucky LGC Cruiser subscribers' names were drawn at Back to the Drive In to identify who was taking home one of the three $1000 prizes up for grabs. 81 year old George from Mt Martha was the first name out, and he opted for the Radiator Workshop prize. Radiator Workshop owner Rohan Hutson was very generous in a swapping the prize by replacing the radiator in George's Mercury sedan. Peter Koning from Hoppers Crossing who was in the USA at the time didn't take too long deciding the ride on Esky was a must have accessory and then Graeme from Hastings was very pleased to grab the Hoppers Stoppers voucher as he was about to purchase a brake upgrade kit for his project car.

2009/10 Prize Pool Winner

Glass Display Cabinet provided by Southern Shop Fitters from Mornington was won by Matt Joseph Cruiser No 425 from Blind Bight
Custom A/C System provided by the Radiator Workshop in Mornington was won by Barry Campbell Cruiser No 304 of Hastings. Barry is travelling to Alice Springs in his tray truck and thinks A/C might be very useful!
Big Brake Kit provided by Hoppers Stoppers, Hoppers Crossing was won by Mark Brennan Cruiser no 244 from Mt Martha

2008/9 Prize Pool Winner

Select Image to EnlargeThe drawing of the three winners of the $1000 prizes up for grabs. The tool box & 3 tonne floor jack provided by The Bow-Tie Garage from Somerville was won by a very happy Bruce Borlaise. He was planning on buying a new jack that week! The A/C components provided by the Radiator Workshop in Mornington was selected by Scott Petersen and the display cabinet generously provided by Southern Shop Fitters also from Mornington was awarded to Greg McAleese. Greg is in the USA so we’ll have to wait until his return to present him with his great prize. Thanks again to our sponsors for making these awards possible.


2007/8 Prize Pool Winner

Select Image to EnlargeAt Cruisin' Main St. held over the Labour Day weekend in March, James Healy was the lucky winner of our Grand Prize for 2007/8. A 117 Piece AmPro 4 Drawer Tool supplied by The Bow-Tie Garage, custom pin striped by Chainsaw Bob, along with a ladies briefcase tool set & a kids set all added to over $500 of tools for every one in the family. Congratulations James




Frequently Asked Questions

What's it all about?

We didn’t form LGC to become a ‘big’ car club by growing our membership. Our objective is to host simple, low cost events with a cruisin’ theme for the enjoyment of pre’ 75 chrome bumper car owners. We do the planning and the work for our events with our current dedicated members, while you get to enjoy getting together with other owners passionate about their cars, pick up a prize, visit a location or town that you might not normally visit, make new friends, check out the latest cool rides and so on.

But we do see real value in building strong relationships with car enthusiasts that like our way of doing things and want to participate in our activities regularly.

So we developed the Cruiser subscription that works like most reward programs. We do the work necessary to host events and our Cruiser subscriber’s gives us the confidence to plan new and better events. We aim to return the favour by offering Cruisers extra benefits when subscribing each year. The more events you come along to, the greater the benefit you’re likely to receive. Put simply, our Cruiser program is aimed at giving you the opportunity to get a little more involved in our activities, and all you have to do is enjoy yourselves.

By rewards we mean:

  • Free entry in the annual Grand Prize draw (see below for the details)
  • Free entry to the Peninsula cruise night
  • Special 'Cruiser only' giveaways at our events
  • Discounts on our range of merchandise
  • Deals and discounts on sponsors products and services
  • Invitations to Cruiser only events

What's involved in becoming a Cruiser?

When signing up as a Cruiser you are not joining a car club. It operates as a ‘rewards’ program with no obligations or responsibilities on your part when subscribing for a year. It’s all about the benefits you can obtain when attending any of our events, what level of discounted purchases you make from our sponsors or how lucky you are in the many Cruiser prize draws we conduct.

How much does it cost?

There is no joining fee, just an annual subscription fee of $20.00. Subscriptions fall due on the 30th June each year, there is no pro-rata discount.

What do I get in my new Cruiser pack?

  • A Cruiser ID card used to identify you as a Cruiser at our events.
  • A Cruiser window sticker for the current year to display on your ride
  • Details of our exclusive Cruiser merchandise range
  • Information about sponsors deals

How do I join up?

To become a LGC Cruiser is easy, just download a copy of the application form, complete it and bring it along to one of our events and Kerin or Jan will help you process your application and you’ll get to go home with your Cruiser pack. Or mail in your application using one of the payment options and we’ll get your application processed and have your new Cruiser pack ready for you to collect at the next LGC event. Place the window sticker on your car and you’re away. If you have more than one car you’d like to bring to our events, just let Kerin know and she’ll arrange extra window stickers.

Deals & discounts from our Sponsors

We trust that you’ll more than recover the annual cost of being a Cruiser by taking advantage of the discounts offered by some of our business supporters.

  • ACDelco Get down to one of the five Preston Motors [Parts Sales] Pty Ltd distribution warehouses for big savings on an extensive range of car care products.

Club Permit Registration

Your Cruiser subscription cannot provide access to VicRoad’s club permit registration.

When subscribing as a Cruiser, you’ve made a decision to get more involved with us and we greatly appreciate the support this shows for what we do, but we wish to make clear that you are not joining a ‘car club’ as a full or associate member. Your Cruiser subscription is not recognized as a ‘financial membership’ in Let’s Go Cruisin’ Inc. [the legal entity we operate under] by VicRoads, which is a necessary requirement to access the club permit ’90 day logbook’ registration system. The aim of our Cruiser subscription is to provide extra rewards to entrants who regularly attend our events. We recognize that the majority of entrants at our will be members of many different car clubs and associations and it is through these clubs that VicRoads want car owners to obtain club permit registration. We are happy to provide assistance on how to go about obtaining club permit registration with other car clubs or organizations that provide it.

Cruisers without pre '75 cars.

It is not a pre requisite that to join us as a Cruiser subscriber that you own a pre’75 car. We want to encourage participation in our favourite hobby and understand that many enthusiasts may have sold their pre’75 car, be building a new car or just want to learn more about our hobby with the intent of acquiring a pre’75 car. As a Cruiser without a pre’75 car in your garage, you can still enjoy the many of the benefits we offer, including discounts from our sponsors, free lucky entrant’s ticket at our monthly Cruise Night, entry in special Cruiser prize draws at our bigger events. However, if the car you come along in, does not meet our pre ‘75 entry guidelines, please understand that your Cruiser status does not guarantee the entry of your car to that event.

We will attempt to provide you when possible with priority parking, such as at monthly Cruise Nights, where you can enter to reserved parking area for entrant’s cars, but you’ll be directed to park in the paddock area. We would appreciate your co operation with this request.

If at any time of your Cruiser subscription year, you become dissatisfied with how we classify your car for event entry, you can request and will receive a full refund of your year’s subscription.

The Fine Print - There's always some!

Let's Go Cruisin' reserves the right to not accept any application and to terminate the arrangement at anytime. The annual fee will be refunded upon the return of the ID card within 14 days of being advised, that your Cruiser benefits have been cancelled. To accept the benefits that come from being a Cruiser, we expect that you adopt our code of conduct. They’re not too hard, just responsible behaviour consistent with family oriented events. They are available for your information on this web site. The discounts offered by sponsors or participating businesses are determined by each individual organization and subject to change at any time. If there are any changes to benefits we will advise them on this web sites news page.

  Code of Conduct - Privacy - Terms and Conditions - Copyright