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» Photo Gallery
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 Photo Gallery
 Cruise Nights

 Photo Gallery
 Cruise Nights

 Photo Gallery
 Cruise Nights

 Photo Gallery
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 Photo Gallery
 Coolstore Cruise Nights

 Photo Gallery
 Coolstore Cruise Nights

 Photo Gallery
 Coolstore Cruise Nights

LET'S GO CRUISINCruisin’ Photos

Santa Cruz - Cruise Night - December 2012

Again, Melbourne’s famous changeable weather looked like it was going to put a dampener our favourite cruise night of the year. With a forecast of showers, winds and the mention of hail it did discourage some potential entrants from cruisin down the Peninsula for this year’s annual get together with Santa Claus. But it didn’t deter over 350 chrome bumper owning families, a couple thousand adults and lots of excited kids from cruisin in to enjoy another Santa Cruz.
The threat of rain didn’t materialize and although cool, the cruise night was soon in full swing. Mushroom was on hand to entertain the kids with his music and fun show and he soon had face lots of painted kids jumping and dancing. The cool weather changed the line up in the Sober Mule Cafe to coffee & tea rather than the cold drinks usually associated with SUMMER. Hot food was also very popular. We had a special stubby holder for this year’s Santa Cruz for sale, along with our first Peninsula Cruise Night T shirt. Not surprisingly, a couple of people also opted to take a warm jacket home with them. Perhaps they needed one right there and then.
In keeping with the theme of the Spirit of Christmas, a key objective of this night is to raise funds for organizations in need of our support. This year we invited representatives from the Baxter based Menzies Foundation & the Mornington Park Primary School’s breakfast program. There was a great range of prizes on offer in our night’s charity raffle to encourage ticket buying and reward lucky winners. A great fully decorated Christmas Tree, a digital TV, overflowing hampers, kid’s bikes and the bonus prize of a solid silver key ring encouraged a flurry of ticket buying.
At 7:00pm Santa cruised in with his personal assistant Monique in an orange Chevelle convertible. One cool dude is Santa! After a lap around the car park he positioned himself on his special seat located at the rear of Shannons Super Rig. Kids of all ages were soon lining up to lobby him about what they’d like to find under their Christmas Trees on Christmas Day.
Then it was time to draw the lucky winners in the night’s raffle. First up was the monthly cruiser draw and Graeme Dunn soon had a $100 smile when his number came out.
Then was time for the raffle draw. Chrissie claimed the first prize and after three trips to the stage managed to carry off all the first prize winners’ loot. Next winner was Luke who also picked up an overflowing hamper and a choice of a kids bike.
We then had a break in proceedings when Bill Duyvestyn took the microphone to announce that the Let’s Go Cruisin team had decided to confer a lifetime Honorary Cruiser subscription to Zaine Watson. Zaine’s grandfather, Jimmy Vincitorio, who passed away a little over a year ago was a regular at all our events with young Zaine usually in the passenger seat of his HK Monaro. Jimmy was also one of the very first entrants to sign onto our Cruiser program. We had previously retired Jimmy’s LGC Cruiser number, but recently decided to pass it on to Zaine so that it can live on. Bill invited Zaine up to the stage and presented him his Cruiser pack and we all look forward to having the Vincitorio family continuing their involvement with Let’s Go Cruisin with Zaine. Congratulations Zaine.
Then it was back to finding some more winners in the night’s raffle. Heather was all smiles when her number came up to claim a hamper and bike then it was Gary’s turn to come up next to carry off his hamper and kids bike. Lastly, we had to find a winner of the night’s bonus prize, the Solid Silver key ring, the Mercedes Benz travel bag and the Col Warren service voucher. A very happy Cheryl rushed up as soon as her ticket number was called out.
We then invited representatives from both the Menzies Foundation and the Mornington Park Primary School’s Volunteer Breakfast program to receive cheques for $1500 each, proceeds from the night’s raffle.
Thanks to all who came along ignoring the weather forecast and for making this Santa Cruz another memorable cruise night. For an event that only goes for about 4 hours, there’s a lot packed into it and it’s the efforts of many people and organizations that make it possible.
The LGC team would like to thank the following for helping us present this event.

Thank you to:
• Leisa Freeman for making this year’s fabulous Christmas Tree. Being on display in the Sober Mule with lights flashing definitely helped sell more raffle tickets as many people wanted to take it home.
• Kate from BB Retail Capital, owners of the Homemaker Centre.
• Tim from Poly Tek Moulding for sponsoring Mushroom
• Nick from Shannons who cruises in the Super Rig to car events all over Australia and always finds a way to attend Santa Cruz because he says it’s one of his favourites.
• Jarrod Harding from Shannons for their support for this night.
• Roger Tomas Jewellers Mornington for the hand crafted silver ’34 Pick Up key ring
• Mark from Barloworld Mornington for the Mercedes Benz Gift pack.
• Phil from Toyota Mornington for the goodies in the raffle’s hampers
• Warren & the team from the Sober Mule Cafe for the gift vouchers in the hampers
• The Party Shop at the Homemaker Centre for balloons
• Col Warren Automotive for the Service Voucher
• And of course, Santa and his assistant angel, Monique.

The team from Let’s Go Cruisin’ would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2013.

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Photographer: Graeme Hutson

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