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About Cruisin’

Who are we and what are we about?

We're a small bunch of car enthusiasts who have banded together, to establish an organization called Let’s Go Cruisin‘ with the motto,

"fun with family, friends and favourite cars".
We have the basic aim of applying the time, effort and resources necessary, to co ordinate social events for owners of chrome bumper era cars, namely street rods, customs, pre 75 pick ups, classic and muscle cars, to enjoy along with your family and friends.
We also hope to have a little fun along the way ourselves.

Let’s Go Cruisin’ is a not for profit Incorporated Association registered in Victoria.
To be a member of Let’s Go Cruisin’ is to belong to a like minded group that works together to bring cruisin’ oriented events for the enjoyment of enthusiasts of chrome era cars. Including us.

Some of us banded together in 2004 to create Cruise the Coolstore, a simple, no cost, simple approach to getting our cars out more often at a locally convenient venue. The enjoyment we’ve had bringing you this low key event has encouraged us apply the same simple concept, to other events and activities for devotees of chrome era cars.

What are we aiming to do?

Simply enjoy our favourite cars in safe but fun situations.
Let’s Go Cruisin’ activities will be recognizable by their cruisin’ oriented, simply structured, low cost approach to delivering participant enjoyment.
Try to be a little innovative
We will attempt to use fresh, new or different approaches in all our endeavours.
Fun should be for all the family and friends you bring along.
We will always endeavour to provide something for every member of the family at our events. Hard for you to be enjoying your ride if the spouse and kids aren’t.
We aim to have a web site that works for everyone.
The best way to keep abreast of what Let’s Go Cruisin’ is up to, is to log onto our web site www.letsgocruisin.com.au Whilst we will utilise any free ‘What’s On’ sections of regular publications such as Australian Street Rodding, Cruzin, Street Machine, Unique Cars, Just Cars and daily newspapers to advertise our events, it will be best to log on to get any information. You can contact us by email at cruisinletsgo@hotmail.com or if you need to write to us, our mail address is, PO Box 289 Mt Martha 3934. [One to keep the Ford fans happy!]

We will measure our success by the feedback from participants, and the fun we have along the way, not by the numbers of cars attending any event or profit made.

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