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Cruisers Guidelines

Guidelines for Car Entry at LGC Events
Let's Go Cruisin was established to:

  • Conduct social gatherings for owners of pre'75 cars
  • Promote the responsible use of these cars
  • Conduct events that have a Cruisin' element
  • Encourage family member participation at LGC events
We attempt to clarify the range of cars we're passionate about by the description; pre'75 chrome bumper cars, street rods, American & Australian Muscle cars & pick up trucks. The key emphasis being 'pre'75'. We also, at our discretion, may allow 'cars of interest' to participate in our events. Examples would be post '75 Corvettes, Mustangs, Dodge Vipers, Cobra & GT40 replicas, that is, cars that have a performance heritage, generally regarded as collectible and are not commonly seen on Australian roads. Most cars from the 80's and 90's are unlikely to meet this guideline, even if they are somewhat rare, low mileage or in 100 point condition.

Cruisers without pre '75 cars.
It is not a pre requisite that to join us as a Cruiser subscriber that you own a pre'75 car. We are out to encourage participation in our favourite hobby and understand that many enthusiasts may have sold their pre'75 car, be building a new car or just want to learn more about our hobby with the intent of acquiring a pre'75 car. As a Cruiser without a pre'75 car in your garage, you can still enjoy the many of the benefits we offer, including discounts from our sponsors, free lucky entrant's ticket at our monthly Cruise Night, entry in special Cruiser prize draws at our bigger events. However, if the car you come along in, does not meet our entry guidelines, please understand that your Cruiser status does not guarantee the entry of your car to that event.
We will attempt to provide you when possible with priority parking, such as at monthly Cruise Nights, where you can enter to reserved parking area for entrant's cars, but you'll be directed to park in the paddock area. We would appreciate your co operation with this request.
If at any time of your Cruiser subscription year, you become dissatisfied with how we classify your car for event entry, you can request and will receive a full refund of your year's subscription.

The Team from Let's Go Cruisin'

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