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Cruisin’ News

02/11/2011 November Cruise Night report and photos
Johns Picnic report and photos
05/10/2011 October Cruise Night report and photos
September Cruise Night report and photos
Texas Holdem Information Update
Cruisin to Historics Information Update
Santa Cruz Inforation Update
02/08/2011 August Cruise Night report and photos
17/07/2011 Mid Winter Cruise report and photos
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July Cruise Night report and photos

  June Cruise Night report and photos
  May Cruise Night report and photos
  April Cruise night report and photos
  Beach Hop - New Zealand report and photos
Go to Report and Photos
  Cruisin to Historics report and photos
Go to Report and Photos
  March Cruise night report and photos
  Back to the Drive-In report and photos
Go to Report and Photos
  February Cruise night report and photos
  Victorian Hot Rod Show Cruise report and photos
  Texas Holdem report and photos
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  January Cruise night report and photos


  report and photos from Peter Koning in the USA
  report and photos from the Santa Cruz - December Cruise Night
  report and photos from Peter Koning in the USA
  report and photos from the Cup Day Cruise and November Cruise Night
  report and photos from Peter Koning in the USA
  report and photos from the October Cruise Night
  report and photos from the September Cruise Night
  report and photos from the August Cruise Night
  report and photos from the Mid Winter Cruise
  report and photos from the July Cruise Night
  report and photos from the June Cruise Night
  report and photos from the May Cruise Night
  report and photos from the April Cruise Night
  report and photos from the Rich River Cruise
22/03/2010 Add report and photos for cruise to Phillip Island Classic and updates to index page.

Add report and 227 photos for Back to the Drive-In.
Update links for all event pages, update links for all photo pages
Update to Historics page
New Feature to index page

17/02/2010 update to Back to the Drivein page and updates to index page.
09/02/2010 update to Back to the Drivein page
03/02/3010 report and photos from the February Cruise Night, update the Best Presented page.

Add photos and report for Texas Holdem, update to Best Presented page, update to Back to the Drivein page and updates to index page.


New page for January Cruise night. Updates to Index page, Best Presented page.


Updates to Texas Holdem, Classics at Phillip Island.


update to index page

02/12/2009 Add report and photos for Santa Cruz, update to Best Presented page, update events pages links

update to index page

04/11/2009 Updates to November Cruise Night (200 photos), Pink Slips, Best Presented pages

Updates to Cruiser Lounge, Cruisin Main Street, Texas Holdem, Historics pages
Introduce Dynamic Classifieds to replace For Sale pages


Update to index page

24/10/2009 Update events calendar add flyers
18/10/2009 Prototype of Classifieds pages
11/10/2009 Update Links pages
07/10/2009 Add photos and report for October Cruise Night
21/09/2009 New page for Cruisin to the Drive In, update pink slips, update cruisin to echuca, update alans bio page, update hot rod show page
17/09/2009 New interactive Events Calendar goes online, update whole site
05/09/2009 Update Pink Slips Upcoming Events
04/09/2009 Update Pink Slips Recent Events
03/09/2009 Update Pink Slips Recent Events

Update front page to promote raffle

01/09/2009 Cruise Night Update
27/08/2009 Update Events Calendar header and Footer
10/08/2009 New Page - cruisin-ronald-mcdonald-2009-team-challenge.html
09/08/2009 Update Event pages
06/08/2009 Update balance of site
08/07/2009 Add pictures and report for July Cruise Night
07/07/2009 Update to Mid Winter Cruise page
06/07/2009 Update to Santa Cruz page
03/07/2009 Update to events calendars and creation of new interactive calendars
29/06/2009 Fantastic new Special Offers from Preston Motors

Update for Mid Winter Cruise

Sunday 12th July
more details...






Welcome to our new sponsors

Updates to Events Pages.


Add pictures and report for Cruise Night, add information about a pending Special Offer, update events pages

Juliet Potter host of TV show Chrome on Channel 7 with John Rainbow's 34 Ford Victoria which featured on the last show of the season.



Impala – this is from next weeks show (EP4 Sat May 16 time tba) featuring a visit to the Mornington Peninsula and Rohan Hutson’s private collection plus a drive in his classic 1959 Chevrolet Impala. Show time is 1:30pm on channel 7.



Simon and his car – this is from this week’s episode (EP 3 Sat May 9 at 2.30pm) which includes a report from recent The Phillip Island Classic (March 13-15). Simon Taylor is a respected UK motoring journalist who races his prized HWM Stovebolt Special - a unique racing car - in historic race meetings around the world. Show time is 1:30pm on channel 7.



Sunday May 3rd - Cruise to Kinglake’s ‘Amongst the Ashes’ We’ll be leading a cruise to The Phoenix Rod & Custom Club’s first ever event, ‘Amongst the Ashes’ at Kinglake. We’ll be departing the Sober Mule Café at Lifestyle Centre in Mornington at 9am. A breakfast deal is available at the café for cruisers. Route will be via Eastlink to Ringwood [estimate cruisin’ thru around 9:45am], then along the Maroondah Hwy to Lilydale [est around 10:00am], then up the Yarra Glen-Yea Rd turning off at Castella for Kinglake. All ‘chrome bumpers’ are invited to join in the cruise as we roll by. A good run will see us arrive around 10:30 am. There is no charge for this cruise, just come along and enjoy the day. Contact Alan on #0417389114.

Saturday May 2nd episode of Chrome features Let’s Go Cruisin’s Graeme Hutson’s eclectic collection of street rods and classic cars. This tour of Graeme’s garage is not to be missed.
The following Saturday’s episode features Graeme’s son Rohan’s great collection of classic Chevy’s. Show time is 1:30pm on channel 7.



New Car Show CHROME Debuts Saturday 25 April in Australia. The best-looking cars on the road today are the OLD ones!

Apart from style, durability and an uncanny ability to draw the eye, they have one thing in common - chrome!

Chrome is a new Channel 7 series dedicated to the classic cars of the chrome era (1940s-1980s) and the equally fascinating range of people who drive, restore, collect or just salivate over them.

Presented by female auto pioneer Juliet Potter of www.autochic.com.au and backed by a team of Shannons experts, each week Chrome follows the story of a car and its owner going to auction, spliced with visits to unique Australian car events, and peeks at some incredible private collections.

Giving Top Gear a run for its money, Chrome drives some of the world's most coveted cars, think a spectacular 1959 Chevrolet Impala and a 1934 Ford Victoria as seen in the classic movie Bonnie and Clyde; explores the diversity of tastes at car meets such as Cruisin Main Street in Mornington, VIC, and covers one of the world's most popular car events - the Phillip Island Classic.

Along the way, the viewer gets an inkling of why so many people spend most of their spare time and money tinkering away in the garage for the chance to turn heads on their 'special Sunday drive'.

The first series of Chrome begins Saturday 25 April at 1.30pm and ongoing episodes will air each Saturday afternoon on Channel 7 for six weeks.



Congratulations to LGC Cruisers Greg & Jenny Jones on taking out Australia's Top Street Rod award at the recent ASRF Nationals held over Easter in Goulburn NSW. Let's Go Cruisin' had great pleasure in awarding Greg & Jenny recently with our Real Car Guy award and this recognition by the entrants at this national event is further evidence that Greg & Jenny are great ambassadors of our favourite hobby



To All Car Owners attending Let’s Go Cruisin’ events.
The jungle drums have been busy spreading the message that the TMU/TOG section of the police have targeted our cruise night and issued notices and summons to a number entrants who attended. The message being drummed is that our events are now ‘off limits’ to any one with a modified or SR plated car.

Why did the police attend our recent cruise nights?
The scrutiny our cruise came under was initiated as a result of the investigation the police are conducting into the fatal accident involving a SR plated street rod back in December. It has nothing to do with any issue concerning Let’s Go Cruisin’ activities, past or present, including the recent change of cruise night venue. This investigation has also resulted in the same police officer meeting with members of the ASRF’s TAC.

What did they identify?

When the officers attended the January and February Cruise nights they detected a number of cars that were unregistered, including: • SR plates being swapped between cars • Plates off cars that had been deregistered • Custom plates fitted without the car being registered • Cars on 25 day unregistered vehicle permits We are very disappointed that this irresponsible behaviour by a few car owners attracted what we would claim to be unwarranted attention from the police. It has the potential to undermine the enjoyment our cruise night provides for the vast majority of entrants.

What have we done?

Members of LGC met with officers from the Police TMU based at Frankston & Hastings on February 10th. The concerns they discussed with us centered on the number of unregistered cars at the event and some cars, in their judgment, to be ‘obviously unroadworthy’. Examples provided of ‘clearly unroadworthy’ included: • Open/Excessive exhaust noise • Slicks • Excessively protruding Superchargers

What we’re doing.

We have amended our event advertising, code of conduct and web site to reflect the legal obligations of car enthusiasts when they participate in any LGC event. If you have believe that you have been treated unreasonably by the police at our events, please contact us and advise us of your situation. We will provide what ever support and assistance we can.

The Bottom Line!

The Police stated in our meeting with them, if a car is legally registered, this includes SR & H plates, and devoid of anything that might cause ‘obvious’ concerns over its roadworthiness, there is no issue in driving it to and enjoying our events. If it’s not, then please leave it home and come along in one that is.
Alan Newton – President Let’s Go Cruisin’


18/10/2008 Update to events pages
17/10/2008 Update Texas Hold'em Cruise logo and poster
14/10/2008 Vic Events update
10/10/2009 Update Best Presented page
11/10/2008 Update across whole site
09/10/2008 Update members bio pages, welcome Ray and Jan
07/10/2008 Update Cruisin Coolstores October page and add photos
06/10/2008 Update Bow Tie Garage page new content
29/09/2008 Cruiser Lounge update, entry form for Shannons show and shine at Sandown, add past members to members bio pages
24/09/2008 Pink Slips events update
19/09/2008 Add new page and link from home page for Narrandera Rod Run
18/09/2008 Update events pages
08/09/2008 Add photos of 55 Chev to Rohan's bio page
03/09/2008 Report and Photos for September Coolstores, update Santa Cruz page
31/08/2008 Updates to Events, Cruisers and For Sale pages.
29/08/2008 Add 1928 Roadster to For Sale page
11/08/2008 Updates to Pink Slips pages.
06/08/2008 Update to Coolstores pages.
28/07/2008 Updates links pages.
17/07/2008 Update Texas Holdem page.
13/07/2008 Updates to Events pages.
12/07/2008 Create DVD page.
09/07/2008 Create Best Presented page.
08/07/2008 Add more photos to Mid Winter Cruise page.
04/07/2008 Updates to Merchandise pages.
03/07/2008 Cruiser Newsletter, Lakes Entrance Photos, Coolstores photos from July, Updates for Texas Holdem, Historics, Main Street, Santa Cruz, front page
26/06/2008 Well it's about time but Chainsaw Bob can now proudly announce that the final tally for the Devil Island Cruise was $4798 plus the pledge of $500 from LGC will bring the final total to $5298.
I'd like to thank all the member of LGC who came on the cruise for their help and support and for the generous donation, I'd especially like to thank Deb who helped me enormously behind the scene organising shirts, accommodation, booking meals venues, auction venue and the auction itself and also the lighthouse tour, plus much more.
With perfect weather all the way the cruise turned out to be an outstanding success!!
24/05/2008 Welcome to our latest sponsor Sabe's Hobby House
22/05/2008 Update to all pages for new menu (Best Presented)
21/05/2008 New page for Best Presented Award
20/05/2008 Update to Event Calendar pages
18/06/2008 Update events pages
18/05/2008 Update to Lakes Entrance cruise
08/05/2008 Special Offer on again
07/05/2008 Cruisin Coolstores May now online
24/04/2008 Introducing our latest sponsor, Turtle Wax, logo added to index page and sponsors page created. Another thank you added to the Devil Island Cruise
19/04/2008 Updates to Spring Cruise, Drive Back In Time and SA Events
16/04/2008 New Sponsor, Radiator Workshop. Sponsor page created and logo added to index page. Add new header background, update all events pages.
14/04/2008 Cruisers Lounge page updated
09/04/2008 Report added to Devil Island Cruise page
07/04/2008 Links page updated
06/04/2008 Add Drive Back in Time event page, update Pink Slips recent events page for lunch at Noel's Gallery
02/04/2008 Cruisin Coolstores April now online. The Cruisers Lounge has had the password removed so that visitors may see the benefit of becoming a cruiser
01/04/2008 Update to Event Calendar pages
25/03/2008 Devil Island Cruise photos now online! Major update to Cruisers page.
13/03/2008 Add XML Site map for Google. Update 2008, 2007, 2006 Victorian Events pages
10/03/2008 Add Google Analytics code and files.
06/03/2008 Add Blake Reeves Benefit Car Show page.
05/03/2008 Cruisin Coolstores March now online!
28/02/2008 Add RRS feed for subscribers
21/02/2008 Update Events Pages
09/02/2008 Update For Sale page
07/02/2008 Add photos to Victorian Hot Rod Show page
06/02/2008 Add photos and report for Cruisin the Coolstore February, add photos to Pink Slip Recent Events, add latest Real Car Guy, update events pages
30/01/2008 Update Cruisin Main Street, Lets Go Cruisin pages.
28/01/2008 Major Site update
27/01/2008 Post photos and report for Australia Day Cruise
25/01/2008 Photos from 43rd Victorian Hot Rod Show
24/01/2008 Update Cruisin Events pages, add entry form for Cruisin to Historics
21/01/2008 Update index page Scrolling posters at bottom of page.
18/01/2008 Update to Australia Day Cruise page, updates to Devil Isle Cruise Entry Forms
15/01/2008 New Flyer for Cruisin to Historics. Update to Cruisers page and Cruisers Merchandise
06/01/2008 Update Texas Holdem Poker Cruise: add program, photos, update details
05/01/2008 Major Update Cruisin Photos: update to all pages, all years, for format and menu
05/01/2008 Major Update Cruisin Events: add many new events to Australian, NZ and US events pages.
02/01/2008 Cruisin Coolstores January add report and 59 photos

07/12/2007 NEW Special Offer: from our freinds at Genuine Holden Parts and Preston Motors
06/12/2007 Updates to Santa Cruz, Real Car Guy and Pink Slips pages. Add another 25 photos to Santa Cruz page.
05/12/2007 Santa Cruz page update 104 images added
26/11/2007 Updates to index, Santa Cruz, links pages. New pages for holen genuine parts, shannons, preston motors, creative sweat.
24/11/2007 Update to zipple cruise and sa events pages.
22/11/2007 Add google maps to coolstores, historics, bright, texas holden, winter cruise and echuca pages.
14/11/2007 Updates (add google maps) to coolstores, historics, bright, texas holden, winter cruise, echuca and echuca photos pages.
07/11/2007 November Cruisin the Coolstore photos and report on line.
15/10/2007 New Page for Apollo Bay Run, update all photo pages.
14/10/2007 New Pages for AutoPro and Bow Tie Garage. Updates to Devil Island Cruise, SA Events, Zipple Cruise, Cruisers Application Form, Cruisin Links and Home Page
09/10/2007 Updates to Cruisers Merchandise, Texas Holdem
03/10/2007 Historics, Coolstores pages
25/09/2007 Create Pick Slips Home page, Pink Slips Event Page
23/09/2007 Update all cruisers merchandise pages
22/09/2007 Major Site update, wider page format
06/09/2007 update Devil Island Cruise page, crusiers pages
05/09/2007 update coolstores pages
01/09/2007 Update to Apollo Bay Get Away page
27/08/2007 Create leggo land 2007 page
25/08/2007 Update Texas Hold'em Poker Cruise page
23/08/2007 Update Cruisin Nominate form page
19/08/2007 upages Memebers Contacts page
12/08/2007 Update events pages
11/08/2007; Update NSW & SA events pages
08/08/2007 Update to Coolstores photos pages
22/07/2007 update to Cruisin Events and International Events page, create 2006 and 2008 pages
15/07/2007 Create page for Zippel cruise
14/07/2007 Update NZ Events page, create NZ events 2006 & 2008
04/07/2007 Update Australia Day Cruise Page, Members Meetings page, Events pages, Photos pages
07/06/2007 Let's Go Cruisin' has been approved by VicRoads as a Car Club permitted to 'Organize and Conduct Events', under regulation 506 (4) (a) organization of events. What this means is that all our events can be attended by owners driving any club red plated vehicle. This includes CH, H & SR permit plated cars. Note that you need to carry some form of advertising of the event your driving to or from.
09/03/2007 Add report and photos to March Coolstores page.
07/02/2007 Add report and photos to February Coolstores page.
17/01/2007 After conducting a very successful fundrasing activity at the Santa Cruise the team from Let's Go Cruisin' was able to present OzChild with a cheque for $1,000, the Leader newspaper was on hand for the presentation and wrote an article, which was published on the 17th January 2007.
29/01/2007 Add report and photos for Australia Day Cruise and Victorian Hot Rod Show pages.
24/01/2007 Add report and photos for RACV Rally page.

07/12/2006 Add report and photos to December Coolstores (Santa Cruz) page.
08/12/2006 Create Horse 'n Horsepower Cruise page, add photos to Bright Rod Run 2006. Updates to Cruisin to Events, RACV Rally, Highway 31 Cruise, Australia Day Cruise, Cruisin Main Street, Cruisin to Historics and Queenscliff Cruise, Real Car Guy pages. Add headshot to Bob's, Rohan's and Ron's bio pages, update to home page, add Acme Signworks to links page, December update to Cruisers Lounge.
07/12/2006 Add report and photos to December Coolstores (Santa Cruz) page.
06/12/2006 Add photos to Pink Ribbon Ride page
04/12/2006 Add report and photos to McDonalds Hose Monash Xmas Party page.
12/11/2006 Update to members pages
07/11/2006 Photos and report for the November Cruisin the Coolstore
29/10/2006 Update Red Hill Festival page
27/10/2006 Update to Cruisin the Coolstore page
26/10/2006 Update to Australia Day Picnic Cruise page
04/10/2006 Photos and report for the October Cruisin the Coolstore. Over 100 cars!
24/09/2006 Huge update for the events pages!
08/09/2006 We will be having a very special Cruisin the Coolstore in December, check out the Santa Cruz!
07/09/2006 Thanks to all those that have joined the Cruisers program, we are now very pleased to announce an exclusive range of Cruisers apparel. To start off the range, there are Motor Shirts, Polo Shirts, Rugby Tops, Race Jackets and hats. Also we haven't forgotten the Junior Cruisers with their very own T-Shirts. All of these items are now available for order from the Cruisers Lounge.
06/09/2006 Another fantasic night Cruisin the Coolstore.
07/08/2006 To provide for all those that have joined the Cruisers Program, we have now established a Cruisers Lounge. These exclusive pages will provide additional information and services to those that are supporting LGC.
03/08/2006 Update Victorian Events page.
10/07/2006 Mid Winter Cruise
Check out the report and photos from the 2006 Mid Winter Cruise.
06/06/2006 The next 12 months of LGC events have been anounced.
09/05/2006 Cruise the Coolstore goes all year round!
So, the 1st Tuesday of every month is cruise night at the Moorooduc Coolstores, Moorooduc Hwy & Eramosa Rd Moorooduc. Kick off at 6:00pm, wraps up around 9:30pm. Lucky entrants giveaways, special cruisers buffet, and entertainment nights. All pre '75 chrome bumper cars welcome. Don't put the car away for the winter, get that heater cranked up and come along to the cruise night.
Dates: 2006 - June 6th, July 4th,  August 2nd, September 5th, October 3rd, November 1st, December 5th 2007 - January 2nd, February 6th,  March 6th,  April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th, July 3rd, August 1st
09/05/2006 Chainsaw Bob's 'Highway 31' Cruise to the ASRF's 2007 Street Rod Nationals
A totally new LGC event, April 4th/5th, for details go to the cruise page.
09/05/2006 'Burning Ring of Fire' Benefit Cruise
A totally new LGC event, based around the Halls Gap area, to benefit those affected by the recent bush fires. Date to be announced. For details go to event page.
09/05/2006 Mid Winter Cruise
A totally new LGC event, includes an observation run from Mornington to Healsville, for all those hardy winter rodders. Read all about it on the Mid Winter Cruise page.
09/05/2006 Cruise to the Lakes Entrance Country Cruise
A new cruise to a great event, all details on the Lakes Entrance Country Cruise page
09/05/2006 Cruise to the Picnic at Hanging Rock
A new cruise to a great event, all details on the Picnic at Hanging Rock Cruise page
23/04/2006 Cruise The Coolstore - The Last Cruise Night for this cruise season. Rain, Hail or Shine!
Tuesday 2nd May at the Moorooduc Coolstores cnr Moorooduc Hwy & Eramosa Rd Moorooduc
Gates open at 5:30pm for all pre '75 chrome bumper era cars, hot rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, pick ups.
See out the 2005/6 Cruise season being entertained by the band "Two Phase" from 6:30pm in the Peninsula Lounge. These are the guys that played at Cruisin' Main St. we had so many great comments on!
The newest ACDelco Real Car Guy recipient will be awarded at 8:00pm as well as lots of giveaways.
Cost: No cover charge, but we recommend calling the Peninsula Lounge on 59788717 to book a table for dinner.
20/03/2006 See photos of the Cruise to Rich River Rod Run, Echuca
Cruise to the State Rod Run Traralgon Easter 2006
With Traralgon only a relatively short distance from Melbourne combined with the many different times that entrants could be expected to travel there, we discussed potential departure times and routes with many car owners. Combined with the usual rush to get away for Easter, we have concluded that there is no one departure time that is likely to suit sufficient numbers to run a cruise to this event. We’ll see you all there.
13/03/2006 What a fantastic day Cruisin Main Street was!. Check out the photo's from the day.
17/02/2006 Let's Go Cruisin announces the Cruiser's scheme.
17/02/2006 Let's Go Cruisin introduces the AC Delco Real Guy
17/02/2006 We are pleased to announce that ACDelco has decided to support car enthusiasts at the grass roots, by sponsoring the activities of Let’s Go Cruisin’. Check out the Press Release
13/02/2006 Historics at Phillip Island
Photos from the Cruise and the Racing
07/02/2006 Queenscliff Rod Run
Photos from the Cruise and the Run
27/01/2006 Charlie Goes to the Hot Rod Show
A good news story, made possible by the guys and gals of Let's Go Cruisin'.
27/01/2006 Australia Day Cruise
Here's the first photos from the Australia Day cruise to the Coal Mine State Park at Wonthaggi
16/01/2006 Cruisin' to Historics
Special discounted entry to Historics for LGC cruisers! Entry form and latest details about this fantastic event.

10/11/2005 Cruisin' to Shannons Rich River Rod Run
Just announced! We will be cruisin to the Shannons Rich River Rod Run at Echuca.
10/11/2005 Cruisin' to Castlemaine Rod Festival
Just announced! We will be cruisin to the Castlemaine Rod Festival at Castlemaine.


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