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"A great idea"
Australian Street Rodder
"A great idea"
Cruizin Magazine

Just a note to thank all the organizers for a fantastic day. I managed to get a few mates & families to come & have a look today & they were all blown away. I know a lot of effort goes into getting a day like today off the ground and your reward must be the fantastic turn out from all the displayers and all those who came to have a look. The bonus to all of us, is the friendly way in which all participants eagerly discussed their cruisers with anyone prepared to ask a question or two. I know I got a couple of handy hints from another Mustanger. The public were also just as curious. Congrats on the selection of the venue and the set up on the day. With days like today "Cruisin" can only benefit here in Melbourne. Perhaps even more corporate motoring industry suppliers will have a look at our great LGC days & jump on board to further the cause of low cost "Cruisin". Thanks again for a memorable day.
Regards Ian Johnson.

Some one needs to check those #*&^ Google maps and directions.

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