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 Real Car Guy
 Bill Duyvestyn
 Brian and Cheryl McCorkell
 Dennis Jones
 Peter Koenig
 Ray Pearman
 Ian Johnson
 Milan Dokic
 Greg Jones
 Steve Heard
 Jimmy Vincitorio
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 Trevor Griffiths
 Warwick de King

Real Car Guy

What is a Real Car Guy?

A real car guy is anyone who loves cars - man or woman, young or old. He or she can be a professional automotive technician, a race car driver, a car enthusiast or all of the above.

You know your a Real Car Guy When ...

  • Your favourite colour is chrome.
  • You want to name your kids "Con", "Rod" or"Cam".
  • You're as comfortable on a creeper as a recliner
  • You don't think pants when someone mentions "belt".
  • Cruising has nothing to do with boats
  • Instead of calling a tow truck, friends call you.
  • You know a blower has nothing to do with gardening.
  • You can drive three on a tree, but can't program a VCR.

Real Car Guys Awards

Let's Go Cruisin' want to to reward participation at events big and small, even if your car isn’t the shiniest and newest to hit the scene.
A “Real Car Guy” award will be presented at each of our major events as well as some cruise nights.

The Let’s Go Cruisin’ team will select from entrants at an event, a person who we feel meets all the criteria and deserves recognition.
After announcing the winner, we will present them with:

  • some sponsors products and/or merchandise, goodies
  • To finish off the presentation, we will photograph the winner with their car and post this on the “Real Car Guys” page on our web site.
  • Latest Real Car Guy / Gal

    Real Car Guy Award March Cruise Night 2015
    From time to time we like to recognize the contribution to our hobby individual car enthusiasts make. They can be well known car builders, active car club members, promoters of events or just great ambassadors for our hobby. Past recipients of this recognition have been people not directly involved with Let’s Go Cruisin. We decided to break tradition and surprised one of our own members who, in our view, embodies every aspect of what our Real Car Guy award represents. Tonight’s recipient was Bill Duyvestyn.

    Bill is not only a tireless contributor to Let’s Go Cruisin activities but a life member of the Bay Rodders, the Bay Rodders rep at ASRF meetings, the 55-56-57 Chevrolet Club’s Clubman of the Year last year and a committee member of the last ASRF Street Rod Nationals held in Geelong. Then there’s all the cars he helps build or repair for other people. Wife Kerin will tell you, Bill rarely arrives in any cruise convoy at the end destination because he’s usually back on the side of the road helping with someone broken down. LGC President Alan Newton had great pleasure in presenting Bill with some unique Real Car Guy goodies as our way of recognizing the amazing contribution Bill continues to make to our hobby. The loud applause reflected the admiration car enthusiasts hold for Bill. Congratulations and well deserved Bill.


    Previous Real Car Guys

    Real Car Guy Award October Cruise Night 2012
    Bill Duyvestyn introduced out latest inductees of the Real Car Guy award. In this case it a joint award as Brian and Cheryl McCorkell are husband and wife. Brian and Cheryl are very worthy winners of this ward. They a can be regularly found at car events all over the country. Their unique ‘hot rodded’ truck with a full length trailer hauls their ‘A’ model street rod roadster and provides their accommodation when travelling. The street rod, usually with Cheryl driving, will be seen cruisin’ the particular event’s roads or cruise track, running the go whoa or stirring up dust in motorkana events. You won’t find it parked with the motor off too often! Brian and Cheryl have been attending LGC events for many years and it was great to able to recognize their contribution to our favourite hobby.

    Real Car Guy Award Mid Winter Cruise 2011
    Bill Duyvestyn was pleased to announce Dennis Jones from the Thunderbirds as our latest Real Car Guy award winner. Dennis has has been organizing events for car owners to enjoy for many years. If you’ve been to the All American day at Gembrook, the Last of the Chrome Bumpers at Cora Lynn or his latest project at Old Gippstown, then you’ve enjoyed these because Dennis has been a major contributor bringing them to life. Bill presented Dennis with some goodies as a thank you from all of us who have benefited from Dennis’s efforts over many years.

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    Real Car Guy Award Texas Holdem Poker Cruise 2009
    From time to time at Let's Go Cruisin' events, we spot someone who we know, contributes in many ways to our favourite hobby (that's hot rods & chrome bumper cars of course!).
    At the 2009 Texas Hold'em it was our pleasure to present Peter Koenig with our Real Car Guy award. Peter is well known to street rodders and car enthusiasts all around Australia.

    As the proprietor of Hoppers Stoppers in Hoppers Crossing, he has solved many braking & suspensions problems for thousands of car enthusiasts. His workshop also contributes to many car builds and he even found time to build a few for himself along the way, just completing a full rebuild of his early Chevy sedan. He had two cars at Texas Hold'em, throwing the keys his '32 Ford Victoria to a young associate to enjoy what hot rodding is all about. Peter always has time to talk hot rods, and is willing to pass on his valuable experience to any one free of charge.

    Bill Duyvestyn presented Peter with a special 'Real Car Guy' jacket, Real Car Guy T shirt and coffee mugs along with some gifts from our sponsors.
    Thanks Peter for the great contribution you make to the enjoyment of our hobby by making all our cars safer to drive and for being an all round nice guy when doing it.

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    Real Car Guy Award Mid Winter Cruise 2008
    We were very pleased to be able to award another Real Car Award to a long time contributor to our favourite hobby. Healesville based car enthusiast, Ray Pearman, who has the shortest cruise to the Mid Winter Cruise, is a great example to us all. He had two cars on display, his '39 Ford Convertible street rod & '56 Buick Hardtop Custom. Ray is a member of Bay Rodders and attends many events across the country. In the last three months he & lovely wife Jan were entrants on the Chainsaw Bob cruise to The Tasmanian Street Rod Nationals, and then recently drove the Buick to Wintersun in Queensland. At today's fuel cost, this is real dedication. Ray regularly attends our Coolstore Cruise Nights, making the trip all the way to Moorooduc from Healesville. As a professional sign writer, he also produces some fine pin stripped works of art.
    It was a real pleasure for Bill Duyvestyn to present his long time friend Ray, with a limited edition Real Car Guy Parka, coffee mugs & other goodies from our sponsors to recognize Ray's contribution to our hobby.
    Congratulations Ray and Jan.

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    Real Car Guy Award Cruisin Main Street 2008
    Bill Duyvestyn, who looks out for worthy recipients of our Real Car Guy award, located another well deserved winner in Ian Johnson. Ian is the proud owner of a ’67 Mustang Coupe, a member of the Mustang Club as well as holder Let’s Go Cruisin’s #1 Cruiser card. Ian was the first enthusiast to take a punt on us when we started up the Cruiser program just on two years ago. He and wife Kerry are regular entrants at our events, often lending a hand when we get a bit pushed. Congratulations Ian. It’s a well deserved recognition of your contribution to our favourite hobby

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    Real Car Guy Award Feb 2008 Cruise Night
    We managed to identify another worthy recipient of our Real Car Guy award at the February Cruise the Coolstore. Milan Dokic eats drinks & sleeps his cars. He works in the motor trade, has entertained thousands at car events with his mega horsepower Camaro but is just as happy cruising through the countryside in one of the many great cars in has stable. Milan has imported many cars, built many cars and helped lots of other enthusiasts obtain their cars. Milan was presented a limited edition 'Real Car Guy' jacket, along with some other goodies by Bill Duyvestyn. So if you're wondering what it takes to be recognized as a Real Car Guy, have a chat with Milan some time and you'll soon get the picture. Congratulations Milan and thanks for your contribution to our favourite hobby.

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    Santa Cruz
    In the midst of all the excitement at Santa Cruz we managed to find our newest inductee for a Real Car Guy award. We were pleased that Greg and Jenny Jones made the long trip from down from the Latrobe Valley, as it gave us the opportunity to thank the Jones for the significant contribution they have made, and continue making, to our favourite hobby. Greg is a well respected street rod builder, with many show winning cars to his credit. His workshop in Yinnar in the Latrobe Valley is the envy of many professional workshops around. He constructs street rods for his own enjoyment as well as for friends and customers. All this while holding down a full time job at a large power plant. Greg and Jenny also drive their street rods as demonstrated by attending a Tuesday cruise night a couple of 100k's from home. Bill Duyvestyn presented Greg with an armful of goodies that included a special Real Car Guy parka along with products and merchandise from our sponsors. Greg was also lucky enough to win one of the special Cruiser prizes, so the trunk on his new hiboy coupe was well filled on the trip home. Congratulations Greg and Jenny. You are great ambassadors of our favourite hobby.

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    Mid Winter Cruise
    A worthy recipient for a Let’s Go Cruisin’ ‘Real Car Guy’ award was Steve Heard. If you don’t know Steve personally, you’ll recognize his cars, they’re all early Chevs painted bright yellow emblazoned with the Confederate Flag. Steve lives in Alexandria and travels all over the country attending many car events. When not doing that, he’s also busy thrashing in the garage on new projects coming along. Congratulations Steve. He gets a years subscription as a Cruiser (he’d only just renewed his subscription that morning), so he’s good to 2009! Congratulations Steve.

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    Cruisin Main Street 2007
    Jimmy Vincitorio is our latest Real Car Guy recipient. Jimmy attends many events in his immaculate Warwick Yellow HK 'GTS' Monaro. Bill Duyvestyn presented Jimmy with a Real Car Guy jacket provide by ACDelco along with lots of goodies, including another free year's subscription as a Cruiser. Congratulations Jimmy.

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    February 2007 - Cruisin the Coolstores
    From time to time we spot a candidate for our 'Real Car Guy Award'. And this cruise night we noticed an Orange '32 Coupe, quietly cruise in and park right at the entry. It's hard to miss a bright orange '32 Highboy, and we knew Mick Patty had arrived. Mick has been a long time contributor to our favourite hobby. Building street rods back in the '60's, he has built some of this country finest hot rods, as well as contributing to many events over these years. Mick is also a quietly spoken gent who is widely respected by all who know him. Bill Duyvestyn presented Mick with a years Crusier subscription compliments of Let's Go Cruisin', an armload of ACDelco products as well as some 'Real Car Guy' merchandise to remind him, as if he needs it, that he has all the attributes of a 'Real Car Guy'. Congratulations Mick, and thanks coming along to the Cruise Night.

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    Australia Day Cruise 2007
    Albert Mason was our latest Real Car Guy and he was presented with an limited edition Holden 50th Anniversary wall clock, a range of ACDelco products, a Real Car Guy T Shirt and coffee mugs. Albert is already a Cruiser, so he has another year added to his subscription. Congratulations Albert, and thanks for the contribution you and your wife Carole make to our favourite hobby.

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    Santa Cruz
    Dave Sutherland our Santa Cruise Real Car Guy with his steel body 32 Roadster. He has been a regular entrant at not only Let’s Go Cruisin’ events but he attends many others, always enjoys himself and contributes to our favourite pastime in many ways. A very worthy recipient. He was presented with a ‘one off’ ACDelco Real Car Guy parka and some other goodies in recognition of his contributions. Dave is already a Cruiser, so he has another year added for free to his current membership. Congratulation’s Dave.

    Mid Winter Cruise
    At the Mid Winter Cruise we announced the latest recipiants of our 'Real Car Guy' award. We figured we had over 100 real car guys at this cruise in the middle of a cold July day, but we settled one. Well two actually, Steve and Helen Burns from the Southern Beaches Rod & Custom Club. They are not only regular participants at Let's Go Cruisin' cruise nights and other events, but are seen regularly at many car shows, swap meets and runs all over in their nice blue T'Bird. They are always pleased to see you, and help make up that great group of people that we all look forward to catching up with at car events.
    We hope Steve and Helen enjoy the benefits from being an honorary 'Cruisers' for a year, as well as the other prizes they received.

    Coolstores Round up
    Bruce Borlase, '32 Ford Roadster

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    Cruisin Main Street
    Lyn Duggin, '28 Ford Model Roadster

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    February Coolstores Cruise Night
    Trevor Griffiths, '56 Chev Convertible

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    Australia Day Cruise 2006
    Warwick de King, '56 Ford Crown Victoria

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