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Let’s Go Cruisin Sponsor

Sabe’s Hobby House

Sabe's Hobby House is no longer a sponsor of Let's Go Cruisin, but we wish to acknoldge their contribution and support.

16 Skye Road Frankston VIC 3199
Contact: Sabe
Phone: 03 1300 786973 or 03 978 13153 or 0448 150 456

DIECAST REPLICAS, SIGNED MEMORABILIA & MORE. STREET CARS, RACE CARS, MOTORBIKES, MILITARY MODELS. Top quality diecast models. Authentic signed memorabilia. No backyard jobs with home made C.O.A.ís. Great Insurable investments! TRUE AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS!

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Many of the prizes that Let’s Go Cruisin’ will be giving away at our events for the 2008/09 season feature some fantastic, desirable and collectable diecast models from Sabe’s Hobby House. A huge thanks to Sabe and his very generous offer for making this all possible. Below is just a small example of the incredible diecast available from Sabe’s Hobby House.

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