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Schnapper Point Cruise

on the 1st Tuesday of each Month

Our Cruise Night, usually hosted on the 1st Tuesday of each month [September to May] at Mornington’s Homemaker Centre is currently suspended due to government crowd gathering restrictions. We don’t want to waste a good 1st Tuesday of the month, so the LGC team members plan to do some low key cruisin around Mornington Park on the same night. Starting on Tuesday January 5th, we plan to catch up in the Schnapper Point car park around 6pm, then roll out for a few slow laps of a scenic 4kms cruise loop we have in mind.

There’s plenty to enjoy in this part of Mornington, especially if the weathers fine. We’d prefer that you cruise in a pre ’75 car. If it has to be a later model, at least bring something interesting. We’ll be taking advantage of the many food options available in Main St’s, [now closed to traffic] food & beverage precinct along with the two large hotels right on the cruise loop. A picnic in Mornington Park could prove popular, especially for families with the Park’s great kid’s playground. If the weathers not conducive to getting together, we’ll consider rolling the get together over to a Tuesday night later in that month with a nicer sounding forecast. With lots of options, this could catch on?

This is not an organized LGC event, just some LGC members catching up the best way we know how, with a little cruisin! No entry, no registration, no Cruiser or entrant prize draws and no merchandise stall. All we ask you to do if deciding to join in cruisin at Schnapper Point with us, is comply with the Covid Safe directives, Road rules & local bylaws that apply to everyone.

  • If you’re unwell, stay home and join in next time.
  • Maintain 1.5metre social distance
  • Avoid gathering in a large crowd and carry a mask just in case.
  • Please be courteous to other road users and if using the Park please dispose of any rubbish properly.

We’d like to be able to continue getting together in this way in the coming months. We don’t want any blow back from any of the authorities involved in public health, road or public property use that may restrict us getting together like this.

We’ll put up a post on our Facebook page with updates. If not sure when we’re getting together in each month, drop us an email at cruisinletsgo@hotmail.com

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