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Cruisin’ to Events

» Cruise Night
» Texas Hold'em Poker Cruise
» Cruisin' to Hot Rod Show
» Cruisin' to Phillip Island Classic
» Mid Winter Cruise
» Santa Cruz

Other events we support
» Coolart Music Festival
» Cruisin' to Hot Rod Show
» Rod, Stock & Custom
» Shannons Rich River Rod Run
» Back in Time Beechworth
» Lakes Entrance Country Cruise
» Zippel Cruise (SA)
» Beach Hop (NZ)

Cruisin’ to Events

Cruisin’ to Events One aspect of attending weekend away car events or rod runs that seems to have fallen by the wayside has been the club based convoys to events. In day’s of old, many clubs coordinated the trip to the event by meeting at a designated time and place and travelling together. Well anyone who’s been involved in leading such a convoy will give you lots of very valid reasons why this has largely died out.

For the last Street Rod nationals, ‘Chainsaw’ Bob Pankhurst organized and led a 5 day cruise from Melbourne to Southport Qld. Like Bob, we at Let’s Go Cruisin’ believe that getting to an event when it’s a fair way from home, should be a big part of the fun in going at all. So we are prepared to have a crack at getting the fun of getting there back into weekend away car events.
Our approach is to either lead cruises to a number of scheduled events, starting each cruise at a convenient point on the outskirts of Melbourne. Or help others anyway we can who are prepared, like ‘Chainsaw’ Bob, to step up to the plate and offer to lead a cruise.

A word from our Sponsor

Shannons shares the Pride & Passion of 'chrome bumper car' ownership with the thousands of enthusiasts around Australia. We support the team from Let's Go Cruisin' in their endeavors to encourage the enjoyment of driving your favorite car more often. We agree that getting to an event can be 'half the fun' and are pleased to provide the sponsorship that enables the Let's Go Cruisin' team to offer this 'Cruise To' service to the chrome bumper enthusiast.

Our Cruise Plan

  1. We will only lead a cruise to an event where the hosting club endorses the cruise.
  2. We will only communicate using our web site. Our low cost approach to everything we do just doesn’t allow us to talk on the phone about specific details.
  3. The arrangements will be as simple and clear as we know how.
  4. As soon as a cruise is confirmed, a meet location and departure time will be advised on this web site. A route will also be outlined for those who wish to join in along the way.
  5. A cruise leader will be identified with a photo of the car they will be driving displayed on this web site on this page. The cruise leader’s mobile phone number will be available prior to departure.
  6. The cruise leader will leave at the arranged time. Period!
  7. Stops on route for fuel or comfort will be at the discretion of the cruise leader after conferring with the participants. You are of course at liberty to drop off the cruise at any time.
  8. If you breakdown during the cruise, the cruise leader will attempt to render assistance but once arranged will restart the cruise, even if you can no longer travel at the time. Obviously, the circumstances will drive this decision in line with what you’d hope for from any fellow enthusiasts who stopped to help a stranded buddy.

How to join in

To join a cruise to an event your attending, all you have to do is be at the meet location and be ready to leave at the published departure time. There is no need to contact us re your intentions.
There is no charge for participating and as such no liability is accepted by the cruise leader or Let’s Go Cruisin’ for any mishap, accident or incident during the lead up to or your travel to the event you’re attending. This after all, just a group of people taking the opportunity to travel at the same time whilst sharing a common route on public roads. This is not a rally or competitive event in any form. There are no prizes or awards, just the fun of meeting some fellow enthusiasts heading to the same event a little earlier plus the pleasure of sharing the road with our favourite cars.
Our cruise leader will conform to all speed limits/road laws for the cruise, and we expect all cruisers to do the same. Refer our code of conduct available elsewhere on this web site.
So if you are attending a weekend event away, check out our news page for a list of Let’s Go Cruisin’ Cruise to Events to see if your event is listed and then click onto this page for the cruises details. And possibly add some more fun into your weekend away by Cruisin’ with fellow entrants.

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